1 thought on “The Appeal

  1. June Caruso

    A Message for Joseph DiMarco & Holy Savior Parish, Linwood:

    A woman I had known, Marie Haggerty (the mother-in-law of past Delco Times Editor, Frank Gothie), told me
    these two issues, years ago:
    (1) “June, I am NOT from Glenolden! I am from Secane and my parish is Our Lady of Fatima in Secane!”
    (official statement by Marie Haggerty and her strong Catholic faith)

    (2) “June, my son-in-law’s name is NOT ‘Frank’! His name is “Frannie” and that is the name you should
    call him, June!” (Official statement by Marie Haggerty)

    When St. Kevin’s Grade School in Springfield was slated for closure in 2011, I checked the school
    Deed on the Delaware County Recorder of Deeds website. The Deed for St. Kevin’s Grade School
    states the school is officially owned by St. Kevin’s Parish. So, I immediately emailed the president,
    named Patrick, aat St. Kevin’s and told him that it is the PARISH which must fund the school to keep
    it open, NOT the archdiocese.

    So, (1) Check the Deed for your church and your school, online and at the Media Courthouse.
    (2) File a lawsuit APPEAL against the Archdiocese/Chaput’s dated letter claiming closure
    of Holy Savior Parish in the DELAWARE COUNTY COURT OF COMMON PLEAS because your
    parish’s JURISDICTION is ONLY in DELAWARE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA – Philadelphia County
    (where the Archdiocese office is located and Rome, Italy, have NO Jurisdictional legal rights over
    your Parish or your Grade School.

    I had let lots of parish schools know of this DEED issue, but none of them sued the Archdiocese –
    they just allowed their grade schools to be closed or merged.

    At EWTN, in Irondale, Alabama, all the priests, brothers and nuns are under the auspice control
    of #1. Deacon Bill Steltemeier ( a past-attorney from Tennessee) and #2. nun, Mother Angelica.
    Their two churches at EWTN are also within walking distance for the neighbors in that community.
    I can vouch this statement as I have been to EWTN with St. Bernadette/St. Kevin’s group and I
    had met, in person, with both Mother Angelica and Deacon Bill Steltemeir.

    You are all the people ‘IN-CHARGE” of your parish. Abp. Chaput and the Archdiocese are only
    the ‘overseers – and each Parish should be able to financially support themselves and their
    grade school without any financial aid from the Archdiocese.

    Best of Luck!!!


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